20 July 2006

hidden talent

I'm a very, very good gunny sack racer.
Notice my dive. I'm on the left. It's all about the strategy.

Yep. I won all but 5ish of like FORTY gunny sack races at our English Camp a few weeks ago.
Bet you didn't know this hidden skill. It was a surprise to me, too!

These were two of my toughest competitors...

I was terribly sore for like 4 days afterwards, so I definitely have to brag to make it worth the trouble.
Ahhh....the missionary life...

One of the biggest highlights of camp was all the new relationships that got started. Here's a favorite picture of mine. This is hike day. Ana, me, Neja.

Man, there's actually so many pictures I want to post. So many of my favorite Slovene people were at camp. If you're Slovene, you know who you are. If you're American...well, you'll just have to come over.

Well, only two camps left. Next week we're girls camp at the Croatian coast. BEAUTIFUL and calm. I'm ready!! With Brad and Laurel Jenkins and their youth group are on their way as I type.