26 October 2006

she's black, right??

So. Sometimes people think that I am black.

While we were in Croatia this summer, Christina and I dressed up in silly costumes for a silly skit. One of the women in my church (a dear friend) saw me and just jumped over the language barrier, proclaiming that I was a Tina Turner look-alike! What do you think?

If people don't think black, they do wonder where in the world I could possibly be from. In the past few weeks, I've actually had to persuade a few people that I am neither Pakistani, Turkish, Spanish, Indian nor Italian. Just to name a few.

23 October 2006


"What if our inturuptions are, in fact, our opportunities?"

I'm sure I don't have the wording precisely right, but I've been turning over this quote in my mind. Sounds like Henri Nouwen, huh? Well, it is. And it's so true. I know my life is paced well, when I'm feeling this way about time. And getting frazzled by a text message...well. That's a red flag.

So, uhh. Today's a red flag day.

12 October 2006

questionable pricing

This is an interesting tidbit:
wine is cheaper than water in Slovenia.

At my most frequented coffee shop:
wine is 300 tolars ($1.50)
cappucino is 280 tolars ($1.40)
water is 400 tolars ($2).

Very interesting.

09 October 2006

the apartment

well, what do you think of a green living room? i think i like it. i think...

we're painting our flat. i've heard green is the most relaxing color for the eye. not to mention that it contrasts nicely with the bricks in the courtyard outside. the kitchen and entry will be this reed color.
we'll have a beige couch, but what do you think of this chair with these walls?
opinions are welcomed. please...

oh. and christina's room is pink. are you surprised? :)

reciepe coming soon.

07 October 2006

an autumn morning

well, really more of the afternoon,
but I must say that it's sunny, cold, clear and the leaves are getting ready to turn. funny to talk about the weather. i'm not trying to just fill space--it's just gorgeous. and beauty (I learned this at girl camp) brings comfort, healing, joy, rest.

this morning I made coffee cake muffins. I would recommend them above coffee cake because they bake so much faster. I'm always too famished by the time coffee cake comes out of the oven.

05 October 2006

in my new Slovene class...

there's 9 of us:

a Russian,
a German,
a Serbian,
an American (this is me),
a Vietnamese,
a Croatian,
a Netherlandian,
a Spaniard.

Talk about culture...

Oh, and an Argentenian. I almost forgot.

Today I made everybody laugh. And--good for me--I've been working on homework already.

04 October 2006

i'm back...

So, it's fully autumn now. The sky was blue this morning and two hours later it was downPOURING. I went to the university to sign up for my Slovene class today. When I was there I realized that it started YESTERDAY. That's a bummer. So tomorrow is my first day. And I'll have a placement test. Yikes! I'm kind of scared. But just kind of.

David and Katka are married! :) Here's some wedding pictures:

Hey, Slovene wedding receptions usually last to the wee hours of the morning. We had plenty of time for skits, musical performances, Greek dances, speed pictionary, country line dancing (complete with cowboy hats). I've never had an experience quite like it. What a party! This one ended early. David and Katka left at 2 AM...whew.