22 June 2011

a rich, rich trip

Showing David the home where Christina and I lived.
Together with the Jackson family at one of my favorite places.
A meal David can't stop thinking about.
Beautiful family, good commercial :)
Hope and future.
Kind of like Coca-Cola...
Our sister, Mana.
Mateja translating for David.
Zvonko baptizing Ana.

And a most beautiful sight--disciples making disciples.

Other wonders...
Meeting babies and seeing new parents.
Visiting people long loved.
Experiencing God's continuous and powerful movement.

All over the world the gospel is bearing fruit and growing. Just as it has been doing among you from the first day you heard it until now... (Colossians)

21 June 2011


Beauty is the voice endlessly calling and so we see, so we reach.

Doubt the philosophies,
doubt the prophecies,
doubt the Pharisees (especially the ones seen in mirrors),
but who can doubt this, Beauty?
Beauty requires no justification, no explanation; it simply is and transcends. See beauty and we know it in the marrow, even if we have no words for it: Someone is behind it, in it. Beauty Himself completes.
I have to seek God beauty. Because isn't my internal circuitry wired to seek out something worthy of worship? Every moment I live, I live bowed to something. And if I don't see God, I'll bow down before something else.

from One Thousand Gifts