24 November 2009

January 30th

A wonderful day for a wedding, eh?

Wear your coats!!!

04 November 2009

panic is never becoming...

I've been reading Deuteronomy (or more appropriately, Fifth Moses) and sort of looking haughtily down my nose at those Israelites. They were so ridiculously forgetful. And with Moses saying like every other verse, "Only be careful...remember. Remember...be careful...the Lord, who brought you out of Egypt.... Remember. Do not forget....Remember!" It's almost comical how much he says it.

And it's almost comical how much they...oops...we forget. We are currently in full-wedding-planning-swing. About once a week I get to a point where I'm like, "This is impossible! It will never happen! How will this work??!" Logically, I have no idea how it can be as stressful as it feels. Right now we're in the midst of trying to find a building in Canby for our ceremony and reception that is:
  • big enough
  • pretty
  • affordable
Seems reasonable. Somehow, after a number of visits, meetings and applications it has yet remained elusive. Last night I was once again, a little puddle of frazzle. This morning, opening back up to Deuteronomy, I was reminded of God's provision.

Oh, uh, how did I forget?

If God could provide salvation for the Israelites and (I know this is hardly comprable) if he could provide me with David ex nihilo, how likely would it be for him to leave us high and dry now?