27 February 2009


Yes. I am now solidly an eighth grade teacher. (Embarassingly, I did have to spell check the word 'eighth.' Who qualified me to teach??!) Today I kept using words like compare/contrast, reading strategies, literacy standards. I'm weirded out at how normal it is for those words to flow out of my mouth.

So here goes with my compare/contrast. In class, I told the kids to journal. "Think reflectively! Ask yourself questions and the explore answers. Ok, write!!!" Amazingly, they scrunched down in their chairs, chewed their pencils and began to write! I started writing, too. As I wrote I realized that I swing back and forth so much. Like yesterday I wanted to quit everything because it just felt an overwhelming amount of pressure, but a month ago I was longing for some meaningful activity. Oh man. Wouldn't somewhere in the middle be lovely...? I wish. I wonder if it's possible. And I guess the bigger question is--would it really come about by a change in circumstance or will it come about as I learn to live in peace, rest and power?

Oh, man. Thoughts??

13 February 2009

01 February 2009


I've been knitting a sweater for that baby Hakala. I've been hanging out with David. I've been looking for a job. I've been getting to know my new church. I've been living with the Willifords. I've been reading Matthew with Amanda and Katie. I've been bundling up and readjusting to Oregon life.