23 January 2006

youth group

This is a picture of our beautiful youth group on a trip to Croatia.

I can't wait to see them!

20 January 2006

winter sky, my life

It's been quite awhile. I feel like I have to have something super significant to say...no luck. I'm just going to jump straight back in. I'd love to hear comments, critique.

Here’s a poem:

mottled sky
of blues & grays & whites blending
through eyes unwatching appears muddly:blehj

until I stop—
cream : pale olive :khaki: muted indigo
swooping, drooping, peeping, suspended
through graciously vulnerable & naked trees
(humble in winter)
stare & study the perfect mottle
and see the ferocious, furious
precise & powerful beauty of glorious you.

By affection, I’m seized & consumed.
Needing nothing but you.
(until dulling)

Sorrow, I live in drunken stager…
eyes unwatching (sipping gray) train my restless heart
until I’m stopped & seized by constant gracious Emmanuel.

Seize me, dream me, bring me
constant near to You.