29 January 2007

I loved the youth conference.

It was the first time that I've been with OUR group in a BIG group. It was cool to see the personality of our group in contrast to other groups. It was fun to get to stick together, have late-night talks, watch the girls write down notes as FAST as they could while Dave Patty taught on growing in Christ, sing in Croatian and Slovene and English during worship times, eat pizza, the DJ from Amsterdam, walk home in the snow, ride home together. I totally enjoyed getting to be with our group and not having to do the organization. :)

24 January 2007

me, Mateja, Mana, Christina

happy birthday!!!

A few weeks ago was Mana's 18th birthday, but she didn't have a party. I really like her and I am so glad she's alive. So, I thought we needed to celebrate. We had a surprise party! :)
It was really fun: cake, presents, singing. Afterward, we each got to tell of the absolute beauty that we see in her. Then we prayed for her next year. She said it was the best birthday she ever had.

09 January 2007

05 January 2007

what a day

that's about all I can say.

just that I'm so thankful to be "snatched from the dominion of darkness and brought into the kingdom of the Son...in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins." (Colossians)

and this is what my friends need: to be snatched.

01 January 2007

top 22 of 2006

best mode of transportation: bike
best movie: Elizabethtown
best color: brown
or: deep purple
best city: Ljubljana
best books: Mudhouse Sabbath, Waking the Dead
best new, exciting thing: Ana became a Christian
and: friends having babies
best foliage: orange tree
best books of the Bible: Esther, Matthew, Pismo Kološanom
best thing to have on the Christmas list: scarf & mittens
best roommate: Christina
best brainless show to get hooked into: American Idol
nice changes: new apartment, new office, magazine subscriptions
best rock star: Bono
best kitchen improvement: canisters for sugar and flour
best place to watch life-threating fireworks shows: Lake Bled