16 August 2012

anything that doesn't come from faith is sin (rom 14:23)


We've decided to have the recommended MRI of Sophia's brain. We can do it from faith or from fear. It can be faith or it can be sin. In this process, we've realized we can make either decision and either decision can be an act of faith or an act of self-preserving fear/sin. 

We've been scared to do it. Scared of what doctors would find, scared of what they wouldn't find, scared for Sophia, scared for ourselves, scared of what we can't control, scared of side-effects. And then we've been scared not to do it. Scared that we'll miss something we could do to help her, scared for her safety. . . even scared of being scared. Just scared. And we know any decisions motivated by panic are sin, because that's what God's word says. 

And then we also know that we're not bound to the rising panic. When we feel it and when we don't, we cling to the fact that we have freedom in Jesus' death and resurrection.

So! We've decided to go ahead, holding to a good God, who is faithful to provide everything that we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him, who has wonderfully made and entrusted us with this beautiful girl.

Tomorrow (Friday) we will be checking in at 245 in the afternoon and, as long as she's still and sleepy, she will be having an unsedated MRI with us in the room. (Please sleep, Sophia!!!)

They are looking to see how she has developed and changed since the last ultrasound (when she was two days old) and are hoping that an MRI will give a clearer picture. We pray that she'll sleep and be still throughout the MRI. We pray that they will be frustrated and bamboozled because they can't find anything that looks abnormal. We pray that God will touch our girl, make her grow strong and healthy and beautiful.

We are so thankful for your prayers. 

With love,
The Burnhams

P.S. As I write, little Sophia Margaret is sleeping next tom me, clenching her fists, alternately smiling and sneering. What a beautiful girl.