21 March 2010

the best day ever

*waking up and talking with Christina, reading Psalm 103-105 together and coffee with Mateja ;)
*seeing an empty, beautiful room for the reception
*getting ready with the girls, feeling so blessed by such dear women
*wearing my dress
*walking down the aisle with my dad
*hearing words of life and the stuff Bob said to David and I
*being so prepared and making a covenant with God and David
*having a little party with the wedding party
*John serving communion and saying, "Let the feast begin..."
*a celebration!!!!
*being married to David Wesley Burnham .pika.

Patrick Wilson, a dear friend of John and Sarah's, did a fantastic job as our photographer. Looking through the pictures, I was flooded with emotions from the day. This is one of our favorites so far.
      Wedding Pictures

And here is a link from the photobooth. Patrick set up a camera and guests took pictures. David and I looked at them while we were in the library. We had a very difficult time surpressing our laughter! Woweee!!!
      Photobooth (the password is Burnham)

Ok, now, I'm going to be bossy. If you look at pictures, leave a comment on this blog! I really, really wish that I could be showing them to you in person, but since I can't...will you please tell me if you looked at them??! Please!

19 March 2010

welcome :)

Well...it's still bare bones. But HI!!!