30 January 2012

never alone

My favorite person is working very late on the anniversary of one of the best days of my life. I came home from work to our quiet apartment and started working on taxes, tried not to think about it too much, tried to figure out what I could eat without much effort, tried not to play pity party.

And then the parade started. Gifts from God. Fun things and reminders that he sees me in every state.
--First came Karla, knocking with a surprise dinner--tortillas and chicharrón (?) Wow!!
--Then came a phone call with dear Sarah Stepanian.
--While we were still talking another knock, it was another Sara. She brought apples, oranges, avocados, strawberries, basil and a very long cucumber. Just a gift from their abundance.
--I ate dinner and then another knock. And it was Patty coming to show an absolutely beautiful five-day-old baby. An absolutely perfectly made little person with lots and lots of curly black hair.
--And then a very delightful phone call from Debby Burnham. They want to have a baby shower! And she said very encouraging things.

Karla, Patty and Sara are the three women from the three other apartments in our building. Sarah are Debby are our good family. Five women we pray for often. In the last few hours I've been blessed by five wonderful women. What a gift! Even on a day when really...um, uh...I should already be overly, amazingly overflowing with thankfulness for God's incredible gift and provision. Our God is gracious and abundant.

Dear David, you are truly God's provision for me.
Yes. I am YOUR wife! Happy two years!
Come home soon! :)
We miss you!

25 January 2012

lottsa lottsa

Big stuff is happening in the Burnham home. For me, the more significant the life changes, the less likely I am to put anything about them on the world wide web. So, finally for a few updates:

--Our dear friends, Geoff, Celina and Jaron Green, recently moved to Portland. They lived about a block away and were the leaders of our home community (which has been our church for the past year). We really miss being everyday friends with them. And we also miss being church with them.

--Our church is totally changing. Our home community is moving towards joining another church, which is  uncharted territory. David and I haven't ever been in the spot to search for and find a church. It can feel gross, like something between dating and shopping. I have to fight to discipline my heart, asking God to give me eyes to see and enjoy the beauty of his bride, trusting that he will lead us in his time. Currently, our home community has been studying thru Galatians, which has been a huge encouragement as I've taken the time to dwell on the gospel. Tonight we will read thru Ephesians together.

--David's been taking pre-requisites to become an RN. This term he's taking Human Growth & Development and the first section of Anatomy & Physiology. Both are classes that he's super interested in. Both a whole lotta work. He also continues to work full-time. It's a lot of work, a lot of money and a big direction shift, all of which are difficult.

--We're preparing our home and our family for a new baby! This is totally scary and totally wonderful and totally new.

In the midst of all of this, I daily feel the pull to trust in myself or to trust in the King of Kings. When I calculate everything out and try to make everything fit on the calendar, I totally freak out. When I "train my brain to focus" (something I often say to kids at school), remembering the Lord's constant presence, abundant provision and faithful love, I am able walk with grace and freedom. Right now I'm at about 50/50. Maybe someday it'll get easier :)