25 September 2007

coming soon!

One month from now.

16 September 2007

egg fights & another adventure in foreign driving

At Easter the Stepanian family traditionally has Egg Fights. It's a pretty big deal. Each person chooses what they think is the heartiest looking Easter egg and takes a turn to hit another person's egg. End to end. Last egg standing wins. Pretty simple.

I must say, the skills my dad has passed down have served me well. I was on vacation in the French Rivera when a 1980 Mini decided to hit my 2000 Opel. Like we were eggs or something.

When this car

runs into

that car

who will win?

The really cute, little car was totalled. Screeching, crashing, clattering, etcetera. His brakes locked, hood flew up, tire was at an ungodly angle and .... I have a 2 inch scratch. Put your bets on the newer, bluer car. I've officially been in my first accident. No injuries. WHEW!

15 September 2007

mom, this is for you.

I don't know if anyone else is interested, but I know you'd want to see kid's camp. Just click on this link. Johnny's pictures are really great.

Dad and mom, both of you,
enjoy Hawaii! :)
I love you.

02 September 2007

600€ is about $825

So, apparently, in Slovenia reading a map while driving is against the law.

Tickets: 600€.

I'm still not sure if it's coming in the mail or if I got a stern warning.

Uhhh....live and learn??