25 October 2005

thinking of my dearest grandmother

tea for breakfast will always lean me backwards
to summering with Grandma...

18 October 2005

book meme; part 1

Good luck figuring out what a meme is. I actually don't know. But Alison "tagged" me a few months ago. And I like the questions, so I'll answer them.

How many books do I own?
In Slovenia: two shelves and a few little stacks. In America: a bookcaseful from when I was a kid and a few boxes from college.

The last book I read was...
Journey of Desire-in the middle of it. blink-through the first two chapters. Impact-reading on occasion. The Great Gatsby-oh, nevermind. That's plenty. Oh! I actually finished Searching for God Knows What!

15 October 2005

pretty :)

i got to go with neja to get her ears peirced today. it was really fun to be with her and her grandma at the jewelry shop. the jeweler poked the earings through her ears with a pair of pliers. yeeks! scary!

this is a picture of neja and matt at english camp this summer. i just love it when you laugh, neja!

10 October 2005


Never, ever, EVER (before today) in my life have I owned
cookies all at the same time!
Have you?

Today I got a big package in the mail from my Grandma's sunday school class. It was full of cookies!
All kinds:
-oatmeal-chocolate chip
-chocolate chocolate chip
-regular chocolate chip
-some kind of nuts,

And there was a card with many, many signatures of dear saints who planned, baked, prayed, cared, and mailed this package. How lovely.

This is definately "abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine!"
So, thank you, Jesus.
And thank you, Silver Lining Sunday School class.
(from Bible Fellowship Church in Ventura, CA)

07 October 2005

whirlwind to America; part 1

It was a little Multnomah reunion. Left to right: Jeremy & Amanda (flew from Wisconsin), Alison, Amanda, Brian (flew from Peru), me (also flew).

This is my favorite french press buddy.

Five friends at the rehersal dinner. Whoosh.

Ta-daaaa!!! The beautiful Ligaya Peterson!

whirlwind; part 2

Along with Phil & Ligaya's wedding, there were three other people that I got to spend time with.
The first 2:
My dearest brother and most wonderful sister! Sorry your head is missing, John.

And 3:
Kindra Joy Pickens. Who, strangely enough, I have no pictures of. It's crucial for me to refer to her as Kindra Joy Pickens as often as possible. On December 31st she's getting a new name. I don't really know how to spell it. Hackala?
At any rate,