22 July 2005

back home

Cowboy night at our second English camp. Oh, how I love my team!!!

I'm kind of sad these days because Matt's leaving. Tonight's our third good-bye party in a row. It's been so rich and such a treasure to grow as a family together. He wrote really good stuff on his blog about all this.

It's hard to believe it's been almost two weeks since we got back from camp. I've just been so tired!! But most of Ljubljana is in Croatia on vacation so it's a good time to rest. The second camp was super different from the first camp. One of my favorite parts was watching Sebastian and other Slovenes take leadership roles. Sooo good.

While we were at English camp I made the decision to stay in Slovenia. I'll be here until the Lord points me in another direction. It's a pretty big deal. I think I'll head back to the States to get some training, be in weddings (!!!) and raise support in October, November, December-ish.

04 July 2005


found my clothes. headed to austria to retrieve them.

loosing all of my clothes at a castle in Austira is definately a first for me.

03 July 2005

my own bed, a shower, and uhhh...no laundry

Camp was great. I was a tired slug the first few days, but about Wednesday I got into the groove and had a WONDERFUL time!

-Western night: carmel apples, cowboy hats, line dancing...with slovenes. these kids can DANCE.
-my small girls-only English class. The eight of us met every morning for 3 hours. One of their favorite days was the day Glorija took over and they learned about make-up in English. I loved laughing together, watching them care for one another, and discussing deep questions with them.
-being with Brandon and Alison.
-being in action with my team.
-watching kids be moved by God.
-thinking through staff devotion times.
-good hugs.

Last night we got off the bus in Ljubljana and realized that the large, black trash bag of all my dirty laundry was NOt with us. So, right now, with our next camp starting tomorrow...I'm pretty much without summer clothes. No t-shirts, tank tops, swimsuit, etc. Any ideas?