22 July 2005

back home

Cowboy night at our second English camp. Oh, how I love my team!!!

I'm kind of sad these days because Matt's leaving. Tonight's our third good-bye party in a row. It's been so rich and such a treasure to grow as a family together. He wrote really good stuff on his blog about all this.

It's hard to believe it's been almost two weeks since we got back from camp. I've just been so tired!! But most of Ljubljana is in Croatia on vacation so it's a good time to rest. The second camp was super different from the first camp. One of my favorite parts was watching Sebastian and other Slovenes take leadership roles. Sooo good.

While we were at English camp I made the decision to stay in Slovenia. I'll be here until the Lord points me in another direction. It's a pretty big deal. I think I'll head back to the States to get some training, be in weddings (!!!) and raise support in October, November, December-ish.


Brandon said...

Yes. I'm happy...talk to you later.

Ian said...

Hey Anna!

I'm glad you are back! Hey do you want me to fix your template for you so that your profile stays on top?


oh check my nev blog out. i finaly done it:). see ya

Neja said...

What's up? How ya doing?How was your cooking at the camp?
I'm studying (well not right this sec)and i think that today i'll make to study for 8 hours!!! :D I have matura in less than 23 days!!!AAAA!!! Please pray for me!!!

Love ya!!!

Neja said...

hey :D i would sms u back, but i'm broke.. store's kind of far away considering that i'm not going out at all!!Hmm,it looks i won't see you for a month (i'm done with matura on September 7th)!!! I don't think i'm coming to the club this friday... :(