14 August 2005

no more sleeping bag--fortunately or unfortunately

Fortunately, I just got back from camp!

Unfortunately, we had to leave at 3:30 in the morning on our trip up to Slovakia.

Fortunately, David, Meagan and Laurel and I got to drive up together and it was my birthday and the Jackson girls brought a party for the car and my dad called me. (lots of favorites in one morning)

Unfortunately, we were staying in tents and it rained for the bulk of the week.

Fortunately, the tents stayed mostly dry.

Unfortunately, the Frogs (8-year-old boys) floated off down the river.

Fortunately, Joel jumped in and saved their lives!

And fortunately, Becca, Queen Blue, Opa, Grizzly, Joel & Amy, Gavin, David, Jennie and I got to laugh, play, read, teach, learn, and swim with Frogs, Akiko, ZTO, and Journey for a whole week.

Unfortunately, this was my last week of camp.
(boo hooo)


Neja said...

U're back!!! Sounds you werent bored at the camp! Well, if you want some more of camping there's still church' kids camp at the seaside ;)
I'm studying math with Urša today and i have to call her because we both had lunch!
Get some rest!!! See ya soon!

beccafredo said...

haha! Sounds like JVK Stand up comedy half hour visited your blog page!! So glad you were there with me last week! i like you.

christinastanton said...

fun to hear!! I miss you! We should talk soon!