18 August 2005

use sugar and act confident

Today Polona invited me to Pancake Night/Girl Night at Petra's house. It was Tjasa's birthday. Kristina had the camera. And we were hungry.

Quite the combination: loud music, no parents, flashing camera, and all of us in the kitchen. Hmmmm. Kristina wasn't in palacinke mood so I whipped up some french toast becuase it's easy and they'd never had it. I kind of made up a recipe from what was there. It wasn't quite like any french toast I've ever tasted. But they were impressed. It's all about using a lot of sugar and acting really confident.

Tonight really reminded me of last autumn when Polona, Petra, Tjasa spent the night at our apartment and we made chocolate chip cookies together. I've missed spending time with them.

Okey dokey.
Lahko noc.

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Neja said...

Ahh i love them, they are sooo funny! I miss those girl a lot!!! Škoda they don't come to the club anymore :(