28 August 2005


a ton of stuff is changing right now.
i halfway love change and halfway hate change.
it's always good and bad.


Neja said...

hmm what's changing? Ahh i ca't study at all!!! I think i'll go to read Bible for a bit, and then pray for a lil. Then I hope i'll start studying... see ya!

Ian said...

Good night change!!!!

I am actualy the same way:

I hate change when they make kebabs more expencive.

I love change when I get an A for a change:).

God never changes.... :).

I love that He is changing me.

Boy, I hope this year will be full of change...


Neja said...

Kebab is more expencive?? :(( oh lame

Neja said...

Hey Anna!
I think you did call me, but i was asleep. And when i woke up, i went downstairs to get some food and went back to sleep. Sorry!
Thanks anyways!

See you soon!

Love you too!!!


Ian said...

How funny these things are. You write a bunch and get one comment and write 3 lines and get 6 of them:).

'To je res narobe svet':)


Neja said...

I called you cause i was wondering if you're going to kamnik on Thursday, and what are you doing tomorrow? I'll be done with economy matura exam at 1pm!
And i was also wondering if i could borrow few books for the next week cause i'll be at the sea side (and i know you have some good books like the one with chinese guy that wanted Bible so much and got in jale because he was christian (or something like that) jumped over the super high wall to get out of prison ect. )

Naja said...

hey...yeah...these things can get really wierd...good and bad! thank God that's only in this world! Heaven is just good!
love you, sister =*