21 March 2012

for freedom

David & I read a letter from International Justice Mission last night and they told a story about how when people are rescued from slavery in India they get to go through a two year school called Freedom Training. I wondered what it was. And sorta wished that I could go through it. And then I wanted to go visit, take loads of notes and work to incorporate that kind of training into our family, church, community as people are exposed to the very present, real reality of spiritual bondage into which we were all born and from which we have the opportunity to be freed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This song has been such a good reminder to our family. We're singing it in the morning before we leave--just to remember! Always to remember. Everyday.

Some of my favorite lyrics:
The Spirit 
lives inside of me;
where the Spirit of the Lord lives 
there is liberty! 

When the spirit of the world comes 
to kill me and enslave me
I will say--
There is liberty!

For the chains of sin 
that once entangled me
--now they're broken, 
how I'm singing now I'm free.
There is liberty!

You don't take his life,
he laid it down.
He paid the price
and shed his blood.
It is done!
The veil is torn
He is won
and I am free!

For freedom you set me free!
And yes! I am free indeed!

You rewrote my name 
and shackled my shame, 
you opened my eyes to see
--I am free!