25 August 2009

still a lazy summer

Well, I've been wracking my brain to come up with something newsy or inspiring or provocative or even just plain-old-interesting for a blog post, but honestly, there's not a lot going on around here. It's a slow and lazy and restful summer. Some days are hot, some are colder. I open the curtains, water the garden, talk with the neighbors, do fun stuff with David, read books, visit and be visited by friends, grocery shop, tweedle around with projects--budgeting, making granola, painting furniture. I read Leviticus, do errands, talk on the phone, cook, eat, sleep. Really, nothing fascinating to write about.

In 15 days school will be starting, and I'll begin substitute teaching as soon as teachers start getting sick. Maybe I'll have something to write about then--although I probably shouldn't write about that stuff on this public place! I've got a discipline book that I'm trying to get through right now, Teaching with Love and Logic. I've also been thinking about seeing if I could be a barista at a teeny-tiny coffee shop they're building next door or teaching writing to freshmen at a local Christian college. Just on the side, you know. We're also poking around the idea of working with middle school kids from church. That'll actually start pretty soon, I think. Monday or Tuesday nights.

So, as a matter of fact, there is a whole stinkin' lot on the horizon. Fun, new, scare-me-totally-to-death stuff. But for now, for the next two weeks or so, it's just time to soak up the quiet. I'd better be learning how to pray right this minute.

12 August 2009

a bountiful garden

My garden has gone from a flowerbed overgrown with weeds,
to an empty lot of stinky manure,

to a patch of little sprouts,

to a bountiful abundance of flowers and vegetables.

Every day is a new exciting treat. Today the first sunflower opened!

Unfortunately, my camera is currently hiding, so these pictures (from David's phone) will have to do. Too bad the prettiest picture is so small; there's just too much detail for the phone's memory to handle!