28 August 2005


a ton of stuff is changing right now.
i halfway love change and halfway hate change.
it's always good and bad.

22 August 2005


In this blind/barren land of fear:
emotional blockades
relational landmines
spiritual ambush
:tradition/happy activity/rules are not enough to lure a person to death.

If it’s going to cost EVERYTHING—
every little part of who you are
and what you have
and how you dream
and why you do—
If it’s going to cost your whole entire life—
If I’m actually going to die to myself—
I need good reason.
Why would I choose to put in everything?
passionate conviction.
pure, true love. sacrifice&embrace.
meaning that has lived with me.
And, these are what we(you&me) taste and see in Jesus Christ.

Leave everything and follow him?
The reason is Love.

All I can do: All that I know for ministry: All my ideas gone: Everything I can ask:
is that God would move&love&embrace here, now.
o, life that springs from death!

Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
Come, Lord Jesus.

18 August 2005

use sugar and act confident

Today Polona invited me to Pancake Night/Girl Night at Petra's house. It was Tjasa's birthday. Kristina had the camera. And we were hungry.

Quite the combination: loud music, no parents, flashing camera, and all of us in the kitchen. Hmmmm. Kristina wasn't in palacinke mood so I whipped up some french toast becuase it's easy and they'd never had it. I kind of made up a recipe from what was there. It wasn't quite like any french toast I've ever tasted. But they were impressed. It's all about using a lot of sugar and acting really confident.

Tonight really reminded me of last autumn when Polona, Petra, Tjasa spent the night at our apartment and we made chocolate chip cookies together. I've missed spending time with them.

Okey dokey.
Lahko noc.

15 August 2005

i like technology

(805) 322-7503
That's my new phone number.
It's an American number that calls my computer.
So call me!!

14 August 2005

no more sleeping bag--fortunately or unfortunately

Fortunately, I just got back from camp!

Unfortunately, we had to leave at 3:30 in the morning on our trip up to Slovakia.

Fortunately, David, Meagan and Laurel and I got to drive up together and it was my birthday and the Jackson girls brought a party for the car and my dad called me. (lots of favorites in one morning)

Unfortunately, we were staying in tents and it rained for the bulk of the week.

Fortunately, the tents stayed mostly dry.

Unfortunately, the Frogs (8-year-old boys) floated off down the river.

Fortunately, Joel jumped in and saved their lives!

And fortunately, Becca, Queen Blue, Opa, Grizzly, Joel & Amy, Gavin, David, Jennie and I got to laugh, play, read, teach, learn, and swim with Frogs, Akiko, ZTO, and Journey for a whole week.

Unfortunately, this was my last week of camp.
(boo hooo)