28 December 2007

merry christmas :)

Doing good. Eating lots of tangerines. Drinking lots of coffee. Hanging out with Brad and Kindra. Enjoying loads of Christmas parties--jr high, neighborhood, staff. Discovering a new hidden talent: Boxing on Wii (I'm good). Wearing all the new socks that I got for Christmas. Learning to knit. Reading magazines. Not working.

Every Christmas that I spend away reminds me that Jesus also left his Father on Christmas. Strangely, Christmas makes me want to be home...and strangely, it's actually a holiday when it's poignantly fitting to feel distant. So, in all that, this is the verse that's stood out to me this season:
The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel--which means, God with us. (Mt 1:23)
Distant and close. So baffling to me...

Merry Christmas!!!

07 December 2007

bustly, fun days

This week has been FUN--full of a lot of things I love. I've been carrying my camera with me, so here's a few portholes into my week.

Hanging out with the youth group after church. Neja's very own orange juice shake :)

Recycling. It's a good habit to be in.

Teaching English at an elementary school. We were learning about clothing. Can you tell which ones are wearing my old stuff? Chaos.

Hosting Ana and Anja for their Bible study. I snuck up and scared em!

Reading: the Prophets, Life Together by Bonhoeffer.
Listening to: Holding Nothing Back by Tim Hughes.
Excited about: Christmas, going to America in the Feb/Mar.