07 December 2007

bustly, fun days

This week has been FUN--full of a lot of things I love. I've been carrying my camera with me, so here's a few portholes into my week.

Hanging out with the youth group after church. Neja's very own orange juice shake :)

Recycling. It's a good habit to be in.

Teaching English at an elementary school. We were learning about clothing. Can you tell which ones are wearing my old stuff? Chaos.

Hosting Ana and Anja for their Bible study. I snuck up and scared em!

Reading: the Prophets, Life Together by Bonhoeffer.
Listening to: Holding Nothing Back by Tim Hughes.
Excited about: Christmas, going to America in the Feb/Mar.


johnnypaul said...

Anna, thanks for wishing me a happy Miklavz! I love you! We should talk someday! Nina says hi and that she wants to meet her auntie AnnaBee!

So, in this picture are you becomming the DD?

Anonymous said...

Life Together! That's heavy/good reading. Do you have my copy?
Love you

sashwee said...

Wow! The site looks so good. And I love what you have to say.