26 November 2007

thankful for...

  • the exact people that God has placed in my life. the people that i get to be with on a daily basis. thanks for these specific brothers and sisters.
  • all of history. every single event, relationship, wonderful thing, sorrowful thing--all of that comes through the hands of a good and strong God.
  • our new baby. Nina Joy Stepanian.
  • a sky that is always changing, always beautiful.
  • the holy Word of God. that i can read it any time I want. i'm thankful for freedom.
  • that God doesn't stop working in me.
  • Ana loving Anja.
  • trust.
  • friendship.
  • funny things like the Office.
  • a warm coat.
  • good food every day. and that I get to grocery shop. i like that.
  • a healthy body--for me and people I love.
  • Grandma, still standing firm.
  • Dad who is wise and loving. Mama who is a dear friend that leads me to Jesus.
  • that I know God's calling on my life. that he's been clear with me.
  • for emotions.
  • books that stretch and encourage and judge me and influence me.
  • a warm and safe and inviting home.
  • a church where I want to be.
  • music.
  • beauty.
  • redemption in Jesus.


amanda said...

anna...i like your profile picture...i think you're beautiful

David and Katka said...

We are so thankful for you!!!

Lee Ann Barton said...

thinking and praying for you.