17 April 2008

i LOVE this picture

How many years have we known each other? How did we become friends? He he!

You are beautiful. Thanks for being such a dear friend to me. I love you, Natalie.

14 April 2008

to America and back

I've been back in Slovenia for three whole days! It's finally time to post some pictures from the last few months.
I'm having a little trouble sleeping and eating at appropriate times, but it's getting better. This morning was our weekly staff meeting. It was good to get back into the trenches with some of my favorite people. Right now we're reading and discussing a book called Organic Church. Who is good soil? What is good seed? What's my part in all this? All this is super applicable and important for us to be thinking about.

After the meeting, Christina and I stopped to get produce from the fruit guy. It was a bummer to realize that I could withdraw significantly less from the ATM than I could before I left. The exchange rate is bad.
What was equal to $20, is now $21.50. Whew...

And once I wrote about 600€ being worth $825. Now 600€ is $950. Wow!

Here we go!

08 April 2008


Ligaya, Amanda, Amanda, me, Alison

We just got back from a girls' weekend in Seattle. This is what Alison said about it:

There is nothing like being with dear friends who know you so well. We laughed, we got pedicures, we cried (I mean, come on, we're girls), we ate, we prayed, we shopped, we drank coffee. We shared stories, struggles, and our c-section scars. Most of all though, we just got to be ourselves. I think that's what made it so great.

Yes. It was great.