14 April 2008

to America and back

I've been back in Slovenia for three whole days! It's finally time to post some pictures from the last few months.
I'm having a little trouble sleeping and eating at appropriate times, but it's getting better. This morning was our weekly staff meeting. It was good to get back into the trenches with some of my favorite people. Right now we're reading and discussing a book called Organic Church. Who is good soil? What is good seed? What's my part in all this? All this is super applicable and important for us to be thinking about.

After the meeting, Christina and I stopped to get produce from the fruit guy. It was a bummer to realize that I could withdraw significantly less from the ATM than I could before I left. The exchange rate is bad.
What was equal to $20, is now $21.50. Whew...

And once I wrote about 600€ being worth $825. Now 600€ is $950. Wow!

Here we go!


Connie said...

Hey Anna! You're back! Glad to know! And oh what beautiful pictures here - your niece is adorable! Then again..so are you!

Hope you start to sleep normal soon and get back into the swing of life in Slovenia.

Love, Connie

Shannon said...

Every time I read your blog I buy books. It gets expensive! :)

boutry said...

thanks for posting those pictures...there were some pics of nina i haven't seen before.

also, organic church is good stuff...it's been a big influence on us here in durango

Mark said...

Glad you made it safe. It was great meeting and spending time with you.
We'll keep you in our thoughts.

BK said...

anna it was soooo good to see you! Thank you for our good conversation and gelato! I'm excited to keep hearing what the Lord works!