27 May 2005

I love being in Portland with friends. Oh, it's just been refreshing to my heart to stay up late laughing with Alison. And see married Krista. And to talk and laugh and talk and cry with Kindra. And to relax with Katie and Amanda.

Hanging out at Cannon Beach. This is the way I like to camp.

Also, I continue to be surprised at how much the weather influences mood. It's been beautiful and hot in Portland. Just a slight breeze. Wonderful.

Tonight I get to fly home to CA. And I cannot wait.

22 May 2005

I sent out a huge email of the WRONG dates for my trip home. And when I was correcting the mistake, I sent out ANOTHER email with the WRONG dates. I think the whole fiasco is finally figured out. What a relief.

California: May 28-June 12
Portland: June 13-15
Slovenija: June 16 +

But who really knows, huh? Sometimes when I do things really late at night, they don't turn out quite the way I hope that they would. Let this be a lesson to me.

19 May 2005

I just sent out an update. That's usually quite a project, but this time I did it really fast. I'm going home, so I'll get to tell stories in person! AND I gave out this website address...soo now it's public. WELCOME!

friends after worship night at our apartment

laughing with mana. I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Oh, man! I need to got to bed! Good NIGHT!

16 May 2005

Finally! The bus!
Preseren square!
Ice cream!
A blue sky and warm days...whew. The horrors of a wet, plaster cast are over. Now I have a dry plaster cast. No more boredom! I am out and about!

This is a busy week. There's a lot of girls that I want to see and details to take care of before I leave. I'll fly from Ljubljana to Portland on Tuesday and down to San Luis Obispo a few days later. Then John's wedding! My mom's kidney donation (yeeks)! Then back to Portland...back to Ljubljana. And off to CAMP and CAMP! Here goes the whirlwind.

Fortunately, my job is to be still before the Lord. He wants me near him, loving him, trusting him. What a delight!

See ya!!

14 May 2005

Oh, what dear friends I have! And what a dear brother! John's getting married in 20 DAYS!!! CRAZY!

All of my life I've wanted a sister, and now I get SARAH! Everybody just loves her, so I can't wait to get to spend more time with her!

John and Sarah, ooo-la-la

two Stepanians in Ljubljana

13 May 2005

Tonight we have an English Camp reunion at Tivoli. Christina and I are in charge of snacks. We're going to have little sausages and pretend like they're baby hot-dogs, roasting them over the fire! I'm especially hoping that I get to see some of the girls that I haven't seen in a long time!
Yesterday I got this humongous cast. The old-fashioned, knee to toes, fifteen pound, chalky plaster monster. My mom said that it's retro/cool. I'm not convinced. Mostly I just feel bored.

One of the best parts about being stuck at home is visitors! In the last few days Mana, Neja, Polona, Andreja, Katie, Sara, Lori, Meagan, Laurel, and Kiley have come by. And Christina takes good care of me!

I'm sitting here on the computer and Polona's studying for an English test...muttering away.

So, since I'm home...TODAY is the DAY to start this blog! Here goes!