27 May 2005

I love being in Portland with friends. Oh, it's just been refreshing to my heart to stay up late laughing with Alison. And see married Krista. And to talk and laugh and talk and cry with Kindra. And to relax with Katie and Amanda.

Hanging out at Cannon Beach. This is the way I like to camp.

Also, I continue to be surprised at how much the weather influences mood. It's been beautiful and hot in Portland. Just a slight breeze. Wonderful.

Tonight I get to fly home to CA. And I cannot wait.


Neja said...

Hey Anna!
It looks like your're havin super fun!!! :) That's great!!
I've missed you at club... have fun at CA!!!Take care!
Love ya!!

Christina said...

Hey look at how much fun you are having...We miss you oh so much. But I am soo glad that you are getting precious times with friends and family. We talk about you all the time here. Hows colossians??

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I'm glad you're having great time. We miss you here as Neja and Christina already said. Have a great time at home and think on us, poor Slovenian students having matura exams :-(

Cross your fingers and have fun at your brother's wedding.