10 June 2005

John and Sarah got married on June 3rd!!! I think it was one of the most wonderful times of my life--the week that they got married. Just right and good, you know. We laughed and cried and prayed and hugged and ate and danced together. Beautiful, good, and rich.

Before John traveled to Sarah's home, the four of us spent the evening together. We had a backgammon tournament, ate ice cream in San Luis, asked each other big questions, and prayed.

The wedding party all arrived at the Boutry's house a few days early. I'm pretty stoked about these new friends-in-laws that I have. Jeanine, Cristin, Nneka, Beth, Ashley and Tammy are keepers.


It seemed more emotional to watch John Paul & Sarah Beth practice than to be there during the real thing. It was suddenly all so real. At least for me.

An all-time favorite.

My sister's pretty, huh?

Well, looks like he got the right girl.

And, just so you know, these are two amazing parents. John and I agree. The way that they have loved the Lord...the way that they have loved each other...and the way that they have loved us has taught me much about loving and being loved. You can tell by looking at them, huh? I'm challenged by the ways that they continue to learn and grow in godliness. (I love you!!)


Ian said...

Hey Anna!!!!!

I love the pictures!! I can not wait till you come back!!! It seems you all had a TON of fun!!!! Say HI to John & Sarah for me!!! Oh and I really got really sick - i think i cought it from Ian:)!!!!! And I have no idea why I'm putting so much exclamation marks behind everything I write!!!!

See you soon!!!! :)


Neja said...

Hey Anna! Wow your bro got married! That's kinda weird to think about... i mean, i would feel weird if my bro would get married (but you know me and marriage and that kind of stuff-doesn't really go together.)
I miss you a lot too!! Today is kind of emotional(but not a depressing) day for me! Naja can't go to the camp, because she has chemistry make up exam :'(!!! That makes me really sad!!
Well, im glad you had nice time this couple weeks!!! When you get back you'll get to meet Gloria and Sebastian and i think you'll love them!! See ya in a week!!

Dania said...

Hi Anna!
It looks like you're having an awesome time. Congratulations on getting a new sister. The pictures are great, it's fun getting to see family. You gave me the idea of starting a blog so now I have one too.


Alison said...

Beautiful family Anna. You are truly a blessed woman.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!

You finally told us something about America trip. I was waiting this report for last 2 weeks!! I'm glad you had great time at your brother's weeding and I love the photos. You looked great and also the happy couple and your parents.

Can't wait to see you again.


the brother said...

thanks anna. i love you very much, and hopefully we will come to visit! love, johnpaul

Mama/Liz said...

you encourage us SO MUCH my daughter. We love you.

steps said...

we danced?
love, mama

steps said...

oh yeah, I was thinking about the days before we went to Salinas...:)