15 June 2005

I can't remember who it was, but one of my friends was talking about how much they LOVE airports. Every person here is in transition...leaving, reuniting, coming, meeting, sending off, returning, moving. Change, change, change.

When I was younger I didn't have any strong feelings about airports, but sitting here in the Portland airport I am overwhelmed with memories and dreams. I'll board Lufthansa flight 469 in a few minutes. I'm remembering trips to and from Multnomah. Trips to and from George Fox. Trips between those trips. And now trips to Europe. Further and further away, less and less frequent. And next time: where to? why? who? ....when?

So as I head back to Ljubljana, I'm full and trembly and tired. Glad that I was here, ready to go back. Already missing people terribly. Bye.

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sashwee said...

I know what you mean about airports. I like them too, or rather, I like the arrival lounge. I love seeing the drama of reunions. Parents and children, grown or small, grandparents, friends, couples. It's neat seeing family resemblences, or seeing unguarded emotions displayed. However complicated human relationships sometimes are, it seems that separation and reunion somehow bring out the true good essence of them, sort of in the same way that death does, but not as sad or extreme.

Thanks for sharing the trip and John's wedding here. These are the only pictures I've seen so far. I'm also wondering how your mom is.