25 June 2005


Well! We're leaving in the morning!!! Yipeee!!! All year I've been looking forward to summer camp with these crazy slovene kids.

Please pray, Christina and I are kind of sick and David's really sick. That's lame because he's our director. More than anything we want these kids to know how much they are loved. Also, pray for lots of kids to come with prepared and soft hearts. We're totally going into this WAR.

THANKS!!! I'll post pictures when we return!

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l_fro said...

Hey kid. I like reading your blog. I feel like I can get to know you. Maybe this will be a tool to use for my phrophecy for you my dear.

I love you. Oh, by the way, I too now have a blog. It's http://lcfrosting.blogspot.com (i think) something very close to it.