10 October 2009

speaking of gifts...

Last Sunday David took me out to the barn where we met, sang some of our songs, gave me a beautiful ring and asked me if I would be his wife! I yelled, YES!!!!!!!!

So on February 6th, we will become David & Anna Burnham.

01 October 2009

free gifts

I 100% love presents. Getting them and giving them. I just love presents. At English camp a few years ago, we talked about the "free gift" that God offers to us--life in Jesus. Since then little gifts remind me of The Gift.

Good gifts are just good. They fit, you know. And they are free. The sweetest thing about a gift is that it is--given. Just plain given.
Recently, Wes & Verna Birch, a couple in our church, found out that David was scurrying, scrimping and saving money to buy a camera. They'd lost one, bought a new one, found the old one and so decided to give it to us! It's so fun to be able to photograph the beautiful, little things of life again.