01 October 2009

free gifts

I 100% love presents. Getting them and giving them. I just love presents. At English camp a few years ago, we talked about the "free gift" that God offers to us--life in Jesus. Since then little gifts remind me of The Gift.

Good gifts are just good. They fit, you know. And they are free. The sweetest thing about a gift is that it is--given. Just plain given.
Recently, Wes & Verna Birch, a couple in our church, found out that David was scurrying, scrimping and saving money to buy a camera. They'd lost one, bought a new one, found the old one and so decided to give it to us! It's so fun to be able to photograph the beautiful, little things of life again.


Brooke said...

This picture reminds me of the little plant you gave us. Remember...from the school in Maribor. Yeah, well I JUST planted it the other day. Now, finally, it is on our counter in the red little pot you gave us. It is so nice!! Thanks!

Sarah said...

OK, this is a nice little blog... but let's get to the good stuff?!?! :)