13 May 2005

Yesterday I got this humongous cast. The old-fashioned, knee to toes, fifteen pound, chalky plaster monster. My mom said that it's retro/cool. I'm not convinced. Mostly I just feel bored.

One of the best parts about being stuck at home is visitors! In the last few days Mana, Neja, Polona, Andreja, Katie, Sara, Lori, Meagan, Laurel, and Kiley have come by. And Christina takes good care of me!

I'm sitting here on the computer and Polona's studying for an English test...muttering away.

So, since I'm home...TODAY is the DAY to start this blog! Here goes!


Neja said...

hey! I was at your house too!!! :(

neja said...

that's better ;) see ya soon,i hope!!! Love ya