13 May 2005

Tonight we have an English Camp reunion at Tivoli. Christina and I are in charge of snacks. We're going to have little sausages and pretend like they're baby hot-dogs, roasting them over the fire! I'm especially hoping that I get to see some of the girls that I haven't seen in a long time!

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Kristal Sawyer said...

Anna son-of-squirrel!!! I found your blog through Al's website and just HAD to say hello. It has been forever! Remember that journal/memory book everyone made me before leaving Multnomah? Well I still read that part about "Your the cheese with my jam, your the shoelace with my shoe...etc." I love it and it still makes me SMILE. Check out my blog sometime (just click on my name, or get to it through Al's website). I'd love to hear from you!