16 May 2005

Finally! The bus!
Preseren square!
Ice cream!
A blue sky and warm days...whew. The horrors of a wet, plaster cast are over. Now I have a dry plaster cast. No more boredom! I am out and about!

This is a busy week. There's a lot of girls that I want to see and details to take care of before I leave. I'll fly from Ljubljana to Portland on Tuesday and down to San Luis Obispo a few days later. Then John's wedding! My mom's kidney donation (yeeks)! Then back to Portland...back to Ljubljana. And off to CAMP and CAMP! Here goes the whirlwind.

Fortunately, my job is to be still before the Lord. He wants me near him, loving him, trusting him. What a delight!

See ya!!


Neja said...

Hi! :) I'm bored... so i made my own blog... and guess what.. it's in english :) see ya

Neja said...

one question for u... how the heck did you post pictures... i haven't figured out that yet...

sashwee said...

You finally started updating. I've been checking periodically since you started it, so I'm so glad you're doing this.
Warmest love to you as you travel to California. Wish I could be there too.