26 November 2007

the great Elizabeth W. Stepanian!

happy birthday (plus two days)!!!
i couldn't ask for a better mom. really. i'm totally convinced of that. in these past years i've truly enjoyed being your daughter, your sister and your friend.
i thank God for a mother that:
respects and loves and submits to my father, trusts God,
sacrifices joyfully (like you even gave away a kidney!), raised John and i well, has cooked a LOt of meals...and keeps cookin em, is honest about faith,trusts Christ in me, likes to hear my stories and ideas, thinks i'm wonderful, soaks in the Word, goes for walks, cares for her mother and brother and sisters, goes through hard things with a whole heart, is really joyful and eager to serve, has calculated and embraced the risk of raising her children to follow God, learns new things, doesn't agree with everything, prays and prays with me, lets us play pool and eat ice cream on the beach on Christmas day, enters into sorrow, sends me sudokus, loves me lots.

mom, i sure love you. and i'm celebrating your life!

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C and G said...

a note to Liz on anna's bloggy:
Happy Birthday!!! I cherish the months and day's that God let me spend with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.