07 November 2007

sleepy girls :)

For our Pižama Party we had a full night of laser tag in the freezing cold,
hot chocolate and friend stories,
snackity snacks,
friendship bracelets,
The Cinderella Story and Princess Diaries. :)

How in the world is Meagan looking so chipper?


Sarah said...

i want to have a pajama party with you! can you and me and nina have one when you come to visit?

Ro said...

hey it's ro. sorry for the looong delay in a reply. i would totally love to visit slovenia and talk human trafficking! i'm in the states now but i have no doubt i'll be traveling to europe again in the next couple of months. i don't have your email addy.... mine is ropotter@gmail.com. Let's keep in contact so we can plan something!

Valentyna said...

everyone looks too fresh and beautiful! it must be a set up!:)
According to those 0,04 of a second of you, you are looking good!:)