07 October 2005

whirlwind; part 2

Along with Phil & Ligaya's wedding, there were three other people that I got to spend time with.
The first 2:
My dearest brother and most wonderful sister! Sorry your head is missing, John.

And 3:
Kindra Joy Pickens. Who, strangely enough, I have no pictures of. It's crucial for me to refer to her as Kindra Joy Pickens as often as possible. On December 31st she's getting a new name. I don't really know how to spell it. Hackala?
At any rate,


Anonymous said...

Why would Kindra want to change her name??

Mama/Liz said...

She's getting married! I loved changing my name when I got married. Wilcox was a fine name to start with, but Stepanian was the name I was destined for!