21 March 2010

the best day ever

*waking up and talking with Christina, reading Psalm 103-105 together and coffee with Mateja ;)
*seeing an empty, beautiful room for the reception
*getting ready with the girls, feeling so blessed by such dear women
*wearing my dress
*walking down the aisle with my dad
*hearing words of life and the stuff Bob said to David and I
*being so prepared and making a covenant with God and David
*having a little party with the wedding party
*John serving communion and saying, "Let the feast begin..."
*a celebration!!!!
*being married to David Wesley Burnham .pika.

Patrick Wilson, a dear friend of John and Sarah's, did a fantastic job as our photographer. Looking through the pictures, I was flooded with emotions from the day. This is one of our favorites so far.
      Wedding Pictures

And here is a link from the photobooth. Patrick set up a camera and guests took pictures. David and I looked at them while we were in the library. We had a very difficult time surpressing our laughter! Woweee!!!
      Photobooth (the password is Burnham)

Ok, now, I'm going to be bossy. If you look at pictures, leave a comment on this blog! I really, really wish that I could be showing them to you in person, but since I can't...will you please tell me if you looked at them??! Please!


leah said...

Beautiful pics Anna! I'm so happy or you--we still miss you on this side tho :*

Denee Longan said...

Okay, I'm obeying. Oh wow. Those pictures are so great. What a blessing to have such a wonderful capturing of your covenant day! We also loved looking through the photobooth shots. What was such a great idea!

Mana said...

I LOVE the pictures of the wedding! Wau, Anna, it was so beautiful! You were such a beautiful bride and you and David make such a great couple! :)
About pictures of the guests.. haha, I laughed so hard and I only know a few people! Haha, it seems like you had a really great time :D

Thank you for the pictures, I'm really glad to finally see them :)

Love, Mana

Mamarich said...

I've viewed both picture sets.
The Wedding Pictures bring back vivid memories of your wonderful wedding. I was especially impressed with the reflection picture. Kedos, uh, Kudos to your creative photographer.
The Photobooth made me laugh and wonder: Do most people have a Photobooth nowadays or is this something unique? If yes to the former, are Photobooths routinely stocked with silly stuff? Is the ratio of sensible to zany guests due to your cumulative ratio of sense and zaniness or do Photobooths just bring out the crazy in most people?

beth said...

Anna! What beautiful pictures! What a great day - I so wish I had been there to share in it. You are so beautiful, and I am so happy for you. Oh! how wonderful. Good on you.
I like your new blog. I will be reading it. Keep writing!
love, beth appel

Meta said...

I love them, Anna!! it was so good to see you in the States.=)

Neja said...

Miss Burnham! :D That was soooo funny!!! And see people I know making funny pics is even more funny!! :D:D:D That's such a great idea to do that!!!!! :D:D:D Love the pic of you in the dress and dig the all stars snickers :D very cool!

Liz said...

I went, I saw, I laughed :)
Thanks for your memories of one of the happiest days of my life.
Love you both,

Nadia said...

Hi Anna! I've been waiting to see these and they are amazing! I can't wait to see the rest. The photobooth was hilarious :) I laughed so hard when I saw Dustin!

Shanti said...

SUCH beautiful pics, Anna! Loved them. That one of all the guys looking at their reflection is SO cool! You look gorgeous. So happy you had a wonderful day!!

Ligaya Peterson said...

Love the pics, dear friend! Beautiful pics, beautiful day, beautiful couple! :)

christinastanton said...

LOVED the photos!! :D

Christine said...

Lovin' them, lovin' you! Sad I missed such a beautiful bash but so glad to recount it with you through some wonderful/hilarious pictures!

Trisha said...

i looked! i loved! i am sooooo happpy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Nadia and I are so happy for you guys, I've looked through the photo booth pictures and just some of the wedding photos. They look great! Magazine quality for sure. I am very impressed. That photographer is super talented. I was such an awesome feeling looking through the photos and remembering your amazing day with David. You guys truely are blessed to have each other. Glad we could be apart of His plan. :) You guys will always have a special spot in our hearts. Nothing but love for you guys!

Ryan for the Anderson family

Jeana said...

Your wedding pictures are incredible! You are such a beautiful bride and it looks like it was a fun and sacred day. So happy for you, Anna!

One of your groomsmen is the worship leader at my church (Bobby Gaither) and I think David played guitar there for us once--small world!

The Ashmens said...

Congratulations again! You look so beautiful and happy. I enjoyed seeing the pictures.

Urša said...

Anna, photos are amazing. You looked amazing. I wish I could be there. Or that I could talk with you. I miss you, but I am super happy to see that you are happy.