01 April 2010

a great and beautiful joy

For years I've loved Mana and prayed for her to be free and know Jesus. She was totally trapped and it was so difficult, so unlikely, so frustrating. We just kept waiting and praying.
And .... JOY! This weekend she was baptized at the church retreat in Croatia. She started a blog and is telling about her new life. Click here to see it. Enjoy!!!

You know, Mana means manna, as in 'bread from heaven.' Who's ever met anyone named manna, but I do believe that there's a perfectly good reason for her to have such a weighty name.


Liz said...

Looks like the crowd on the sea side is getting bigger, too! Yay God!
p.s. Were you going to post Mana's blog address?

Mana said...

Thank you for praying for me for all of these years and for supporting me and taking me in the right directions.
And thank you, Lord, for finding me.

I love you, dear friend!

David and Katka said...

I cried the whole time she wore white robe...because, like you said, we had to faithfully pray in hope + wait! I love that girl!
Wish you could have been there Anna!