17 April 2010

water and thoughts

We are going to spend an hour today in following a drop of water on its travels. If I dip my finger into this basin of water and lift it up again, I bring with it a small glistening drop out of the water below and hold it before you. Tell me, have you any idea where this drop has been? What changes it has undergone, and what work it has been doing during all the long ages water has lain on the face of the earth?   (Arabella B. Buckley, 1878)

Yesterday, I spent five hours watching 125 fourteen-year-olds take a test on the Lewis & Clark Expedition. I had a lot of time to think. We were in the library and I picked up a book about water. Did you know that in the teeniest drop of water there are over 300 million water molecules?

I think about how our bathroom faucet drips incessantly. I think about the last National Geographic cover--Water: Our Thirsty World. I think about how Jesus said he was living water, we will never thirst again after we drink him. I think about Arabella's wondering words.

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