11 April 2010

for moms and people like me

So, I know not everyone is interested in seeing 134 of our wedding pictures, but if you are a person like me (who appreciates good photography and always wants the long version with pictures) or if you are a mother related to this situation (that's you--Mrs. Burnham and Mrs. Stepanian), I am certain that you'll be delighted with this latest link.
The password is Burnham.
I would love to hear which are your favorites, so take note as you peruse. We've got to make a list for our picture book soon.


Mišo said...

i love the pictures!
i'm REALLY happy for you anna :)

Lori Jackson said...

oh, those were fun to look at....still wish i could have been there!

Libby said...

Beautiful Anna! Thank you for sharing!!! Favorites - the water reflection, sneakers, everything outside, your parents laughing in the chairs, kissing close-ups, sparklers (great idea!), your adorable niece, cheers, cake, shots before wedding when you are praying/talking - i almost started crying! Congratulations!!! You were and are a lovely bride!

Meagan J said...

I have been waiting and waiting to see more pictures! =)
They are great!