01 January 2007

top 22 of 2006

best mode of transportation: bike
best movie: Elizabethtown
best color: brown
or: deep purple
best city: Ljubljana
best books: Mudhouse Sabbath, Waking the Dead
best new, exciting thing: Ana became a Christian
and: friends having babies
best foliage: orange tree
best books of the Bible: Esther, Matthew, Pismo Kološanom
best thing to have on the Christmas list: scarf & mittens
best roommate: Christina
best brainless show to get hooked into: American Idol
nice changes: new apartment, new office, magazine subscriptions
best rock star: Bono
best kitchen improvement: canisters for sugar and flour
best place to watch life-threating fireworks shows: Lake Bled


Connie said...

Hey Anna! I just had to laugh when you said that about American Idol! We borrowed the videos for Season 4 and all of us watched the whole thing during Christmas vacation...it was a blast! We like Carrie Underwood so it was fun to watch her win!

Liked reading your blog! Thanks for updating!

Love, Connie

Brandon said...

props to Bono: nice.

boutry said...

i love the list...best foliage...awesome! did you guys have a good time?