20 January 2006

winter sky, my life

It's been quite awhile. I feel like I have to have something super significant to say...no luck. I'm just going to jump straight back in. I'd love to hear comments, critique.

Here’s a poem:

mottled sky
of blues & grays & whites blending
through eyes unwatching appears muddly:blehj

until I stop—
cream : pale olive :khaki: muted indigo
swooping, drooping, peeping, suspended
through graciously vulnerable & naked trees
(humble in winter)
stare & study the perfect mottle
and see the ferocious, furious
precise & powerful beauty of glorious you.

By affection, I’m seized & consumed.
Needing nothing but you.
(until dulling)

Sorrow, I live in drunken stager…
eyes unwatching (sipping gray) train my restless heart
until I’m stopped & seized by constant gracious Emmanuel.

Seize me, dream me, bring me
constant near to You.


Angel said...

I came across your blog by chance (random "next blog") and I really enjoyed reading it...How is it you ended up in the states?

beccafredo said...

oooh...I like it! my favorite line is:and see the ferocious, furious, precise and pwerful beauty of glorious you. Ok, I'm a sucker for allitteration, and I also love that those words aren't the normal ones....but they're really true. I also like the graciously vulnerable and naked trees....good picture.
ok, and I also really like the eyes unwatching (sipping grey) that's just great...it's kind of like magnetic poetry, that it's works you wouldn't normally put together, but you do and it's really cool!
so all that to say...I like it! =)