13 February 2009

from when I lived in california


Sebastian said...

Love seeing you on pictures!!! Miss ya,gloria

Amy Woodard said...

We miss you too Anna! Love keeping up with you here...and hearing bits from other here and there! Love you girl!

Mateja said...

Nina Joy is so cute! such a beautiful girl! i miss you. a lot. and love you even more. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pix! what is the setting for that picture of you and
David? I found your youtube of Nina Joy's birthday girl. Miss you. Hope things are looking up and work is rewarding.

Love from

Mana said...

You look so beautiful on the picture with David. Your hair is LONG :)
Miss you + love you.

Libby said...

Is David your brother or someone else? I can't remember! You promised pics....Your niece is adorable. Love the curly hair!