22 June 2011

a rich, rich trip

Showing David the home where Christina and I lived.
Together with the Jackson family at one of my favorite places.
A meal David can't stop thinking about.
Beautiful family, good commercial :)
Hope and future.
Kind of like Coca-Cola...
Our sister, Mana.
Mateja translating for David.
Zvonko baptizing Ana.

And a most beautiful sight--disciples making disciples.

Other wonders...
Meeting babies and seeing new parents.
Visiting people long loved.
Experiencing God's continuous and powerful movement.

All over the world the gospel is bearing fruit and growing. Just as it has been doing among you from the first day you heard it until now... (Colossians)


Liz said...

So glad to see these pictures! Looks like a joyful time.
Love you!

Mamarich said...

This is a report worth the wait--so long I'd ceased to look for it! The photographs provide a real sense of place which makes the good news you share here so much the richer.