12 September 2005

being alive

like skipping down a hill
enjoying beauty
singing from the rooftop
fastest running
laying on the grass
cleaning wounds
naming midnight stars
crying together
and walking long
laughing at the soaking rain
gulping pure, cold water
teaching children


Ian said...


Garden full of roses,
sky without a cloude,
first snow,
rain on a hot summer day,

good grandma's lunch,
26 year olds playing mario party,
changing your name to Ian,
jumping on one leg...

but being alive mostly consists if two things:

Living life for Christ,

And a tiny smile on your face when you know you are Loved by Him...


P.S.:sorry for my toughts again! You just make me wana write:D!!!

Mama/Liz said...

singing on the rooftop
shiny black hair
dancing eyes
arms flung open and
red suspenders
Joy to the World
I love you
my daughter!