29 November 2005

someplace in the middle

I'm back in America...but I'm not home. Yesterday I landed in Colorado. I am here for three weeks to take a class. I finally get to learn how to live as a missionary. After the first day of classes, I think it's going to be
Those are my words. Today a man was talking about the things that we'll cover while we're here. As he talked about what most people will experience as they move into a new culture, my eyes filled up with tears. He was describing what I have experienced this past year. I'm looking forward, but it also wears me out to anticipate all that we'll be going through in the next weeks. Please pray for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
nice to hear from you. We all praying for you and your classes. Thank you soo much for present- it is really nice and you chose the right thing. I hope that you will come back soon.


Mama/Liz said...

we are so thankful for you
your obedience
your heart
find rest in God alone
he is a refuge for us
for real

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna....mom encouraged me to check out your blog. Wow...well I am glad it will be a stretching time....but stretching is not always easy as you know. I/we are so thankful to God for you...not just because you are working hard at being a missionary...which is great...but because of the heart you have for God. It is a great encouragement to us and an example as well. Remember...our God does have a plan for YOU - and it is a GOOD one! Love - Dad

christinastanton said...

hmm....sounds like you are living my life....maybe we should be friends...