03 February 2007

expert in astrology?

We were having a mock debate on Alternitive Medicine in Slovene class. The teacher was passing out name tags/characters for each of us to play and people were chiming in to help her decide the characters each would play. She read "Vanda Novak...expert in astrology." Three people jumped in--"Anna!" Like it was so obvious.

What??! At first I was upset (internally). But as I accepted the tag, I realized that my classmates, although they don't know what it is, sense something spiritual about me. The experience was fascinating and boggling to me. It confirmed Col 1:9 to me. Paul is praying that God would fill us "with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding." Most of my classmates don't have that. I do...so...that could cause some confusion sometimes. :)

That resolved, I enjoyed being Vanda, expert in astrology. It reminded me of my old days: looking in the softball and telling fortunes. I can still use the gypsy accent--even in Slovene!

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