10 May 2007

well, I was praying for faith like Sarah...

There's this one crazy story that John pointed out to me.

God promised Abraham that he'd have as many kids as there are stars in the sky. He and Sarah waited, waited, waited and got OLD. Then three guys came to the two of them and said, "In one year you'll have a baby." Sarah thought it was funny. I can imagine.

Then the story goes on...God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. (waiting for a baby) Abraham and Sarah moved (waiting for a baby) and Abraham (for the SECOND time) pretended like Sarah WASN'T his wife and let her go off with a foreign king. WEIRD. (waiting for a baby)

THEN the king had a dream about Sarah. (whew) God made it clear that Sarah belonged to Abraham before he'd touched her.

And then---this is the part that I can't stop thinking about---God also told the king to ask Abraham to pray for him so that all the women in his household would be healed. Apparently, during this time God had made them all barren. So, Abraham prayed and God healed all the women so that they could have children again.

Here was Sarah--finally back with her husband, waiting for this promised baby, watching her husband pray for the king's household, seeing them be healed,
still without a baby.

I imagine that she was mad at her husband for giving her away, that she was insanely confused, that she felt betrayed, that she wondered if God saw her, that she thought maybe they'd messed it all up, that she cried, that she wondered why....

All that stuff. At least I would....

Can you even imagine?

But then there's this:
"Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah, as he had said, and the Lord did for Sarah what he had promised." (Genesis 21:1)


beccafredo said...

This made me remember our little escape, and it made me glad! Thanks for writing about faith, and Sarah...wow...that was some faith.

amy lineburg said...

Thanks for this little article! It encouraged me in my piddly little faith. I'm glad He's the author and perfecter of it, not me. Hey, do you mind if I share this?